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Bertolli was born in 1865 in Lucca (Tuscany) There started his history of olive oil; at first it was a small emporium that was selling typical local food: olive oil, wine, cheese, olives.


Italian emigrants in America find themselves missing the food of their heritage. They are asking Francesco Bertolli to send boxes of his famous olive oil, making Bertolli brand the pioneer of history of olive oil in the USA.


Bertolli brand was exported to new places. From Australia to South America to Africa, customers around the globe can now enjoy the taste of Tuscany.


Bertolli olive oil products are linked to the beauty of the Italian lifestyle through advertising an emotive connection with continues to these days.


Our history of olive oil continues following World War II, the Bertolli company became a trendsetter by investing heavily in advertising the Bertolli name as a “brand”, something rather rare in Italy at that time.


In the early 1950´s, glass bottles were introduced, with the slogan “Buy what you see”. Before that, olive oil was packaged in metal cans and drums. The Bertolli company was the first in the history of olive oil to indent on the label the important health benefits of olive oil for consumers. It was also the first to introduce different types and flavors of olive oil for the American market.


The communication of the 2000s has kept the taste of familiarity and everyday life. This is thanks to the collaboration of Italian celebrities, the secret Agent Bert -he is always ready to solve problems in the kitchen with Bertolli olive oil- and more recently with the representation of the three different “personalities” of Gentile, Fragrante and Robusto oils.


Bertolli celebrates 150 years of his history of olive oil full of tradition and flavor, launching an olive oil limited edition inspired by its original ads design.


Bertolli is the World´s number 1 brand, and is present in more than 40 countries.